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Vania Mahon

Ashley Weiss

Ashley Weiss


Canine Specialist

Lead Director of Dog Training, 


Service Dog 

 Public Access  Training Specialist

Specializing in


 High Anxiety

 Crowd Phobia

American Kennel Club Test Evaluator

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
CGCA (AKC Community Canine)

Active Particpant:

PTSD Consultation Program Lecture Series

 Vania has the understanding of dog behavior and is passionate about animal rescue and giving back to the men and women in uniform who have given so much to protect our freedom. 


Ashley Weiss

Ashley Weiss

Ashley Weiss

Vice President

Foster Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

C21 Asa Cox Homes Realtor


Sarah Howard

Ashley Weiss

Sarah Howard

Team Lead of Dog Training, Indiana

Service Dog Training Specialist

Service Dog 

Public Access Training Specialist

American Kennel Club Test Evaluator

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy 

CGC (Canine Good Citizen) 

CGCA (AKC Community Canine)


Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it… it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it


Our Programs


What Sets BBSP, Inc. Apart

  Every dog is individually task trained for their owner’s specific disability as required. Our dogs are not simply obedience trained pets, emotional support animals, or therapy animals. The dogs that we provide to Veterans and First Responders are true task trained “service dogs”. Each BBSP, Inc. Veterans dog is trained in specific tasks that help their Veteran or First Responder with their specific disability symptoms. Examples of such tasks are: waking from nightmares, reminding to take medications, physically interrupting panic attack to stop it from escalating and then physically slowing the owner’s heart rate to bring anxiety level down, and relieving muscle pain caused by elevated stress and anxiety. Each of our dogs has a supervisor at our training facility.  The partnership  gives us the ability to provide fully trained service dogs to the Veterans and First Responders so that they only have to attend a 21 days handling class upon receiving their service dogs and 1 week follow up per year during their 2 year program. This also keeps our cost for training services down. These methods all combined are what makes our program so successful at truly helping our nations heroes with the medical disabilities.   


Invaluable Assistance

 Service dogs provide invaluable assistance to their handlers. These unique working animals undergo extensive and highly specialized training to learn how to mitigate the difficulties caused by specific disabilities. These remarkable canines are capable of numerous tasks that help make independent living possible for their handlers. Our service dogs and training are extremely affordable and we offer a simple payment plan which allows you the opportunity to budget for a service dog without requiring that you pay all of the costs up front. We do not have expensive puppy programs, therefore we are able to offer clients well trained service dogs at much lower prices than the industry standard. The average cost of our service dogs is $3985.00. Many of our clients conduct fundraising to pay for the cost of the dog and delivery. If you need help coming up with ways to raise money for a dog, our staff will be happy to share ways that other clients have been successful. The price of our service dogs includes the initial set of customized equipment including leashes, a service vest or harness, tethering equipment, trailing equipment, service dog identification and much more. 


Everyone Is A Winner

Our program delivers an all-around lifelong support system focusing on a more natural alternative to healing our Veterans and First Responder's bodies and minds while at the same time saving the lives of shelter dogs that would otherwise be facing euthanasia. We strive to improve the lives of our nations heroes as well as the lives of dogs sitting in shelters waiting for someone to give them another chance at life. Each dog is rescued, trained in obedience and a medical service task, and re-homed with a disabled Veteran or First Responder that needs them. This wonderful program creates a scenario where everyone wins and multiple lives are saved. The dogs are given a purpose in a loving forever home with Veterans, First Responders while their family's quality of life is drastically improved with the medical assistance and by the healing power of their new canine partner.   

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