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Donate A Dog

 We will consider any dog with a personality that shows promise. Contact us for information on pre-testing your dog.

Brave Buddy Service Pups is occasionally looking for physically sound, emotionally stable puppies two to three months of age to train as assistance dogs.

Dog Donation Guidelines

  • Must live inside your home
  • Must be friendly with adults, children, other dogs and cats – No aggression, hyperactivity or destructiveness is permitted
  • Must be healthy, with up-to-date medical treatment and records
  • Must be free of any disease requiring ongoing medication
  • Must be between two months to four months of age
  • Must be free of hereditary defects and must have no known eye or heart problems
  • Puppies must come from parents with OFA-certified hips and elbows
  • Preferred breeds include Golden or Labrador Retrievers, Standard Poodles and Collies, but we are open to most breeds as long as the dog has a suitable temperament

As a dog donor, you’ll receive a letter acknowledging your donation, which can be used to gain a tax deduction. You’ll be notified of the placement of the dog and when it becomes a “Certified” assistance dog.