PTSD Service Dogs 4 Military & First Responders

Our Regular Adoption Process


Dogs that do not fit the service dog criteria in our program receive the same training as our service dogs. Increasing their adoption rate success and living the rest of their lives as loving and well mannered companions and or family dogs

Service Dogs Ready To Be Matched CLASS 1


These dogs have completed their obedience training, public access training and are awaiting to be matched to work with you as PTSD Service Dogs. 

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Emotional Support Dogs/ Companion For Life Ready To Be Adopted CLASS 2


Awaiting to be adopted into loving homes.

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My Story

Mandie & Bo

If you're looking to give a pup a furever home, look to BBSP, inc. They do incredible work and help save amazing dogs. Bo was one of those dogs. We met Bo at pets supplies plus.  He was in line in front of us with his foster family. He immediately connected with us and even leaned right against us. This is when we were told he was up for adoption and given info about BBSP, inc. We were initially hesitant, as our current dog was VERY dog aggressive. Poor Bo had been in foster care for eight months!! We knew we needed him and to make it work! Vania, Bo's foster mom, was so wonderful and worked with us on a stress free, slow introduction and the rest is history! Lola loves her brother, just as much as us!!  He has been such a great addition to our family! He is the biggest goofball who loves snuggles, and I don't know what we'd do without him!


Sydney & Samson

When we got Samson we were thinking it was going to be easy to train him because he was older than 8 weeks and he is a golden retriever. We had a very difficult time potty training him and getting him to listen to basic commands was very difficult. He hated his crate and he had separation anxiety, making it that much harder. We did all the research and tried everything but it wasn’t getting any easier. My boyfriend Luke found BBSP online and we decided it was time to ask for help. Vania gave us some tips and we scheduled for Samson to get fixed before he entered training. The 4 weeks Samson was with BBSP, we weren’t worried about anything. Vania frequently updated us on his progress and on the weekends we were able to spend time with him. He learned over 30 commands and is now the best dog anyone could ask for. We highly recommend BBSP.


Currently Available - Class 1 Service Dog



We are actively looking to add on board SD Foster Volunteers.

This is a minimum of 1 year foster  commitment. For more inform please contact us.